Wooded Boho Engagement: Kailah + Josh

Wooded Boho Engagement: Kailah + Josh

Photographer, Darcy Dempster,  beautifully captured the Boho concept for Josh + Kailah’s engagement session.  After seeing their engagement session, we can’t wait to see what stunning details their June wedding will entail.  

Wooded Boho Engagement: Kailah + Josh - BlushingBellsIa.com

Notes from the Photographer: This engagement session took place at the beautiful Big Woods Lake in Cedar Falls on a warm and windy summer night.  The concept Kailah was after was Boho, she nailed it, right down to her dress and flower crown.  We were both inspired by the natural beauty of this setting, the fields, trees and water and quickly lost track of time as we watched the sunset.  Josh was a true sport and went along with everything we could think of and then some.  You could tell Kailah had been dreaming of this day for a long time.  


Photographer: Darcy Dempster

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