Wedding Advice Wednesday: Let Your Photographer Get to Know You

Wedding Advice Wednesday: Let Your Photographer Get to Know You

Everyone wants their wedding and engagement photos to be beautiful and it is your wedding photographer’s job is to make that happen. There are a few ways that you can help them make everything run smoothly. During the month of May we have provided you with a few tips we have gathered from different photographers. Today we wrap that up with tips on why it is important to let your photographer get to know you and your personalities.

Ames Iowa State Engagement: Marissa + Drew
Photo by Emily Crall Photography

Ever see really unique photos of couples that are just too adorable for words? In those pictures you see them in a candy store, where they first met, their favorite sports team, where the proposal happened or other pictures that just tell who those couples are and what they are like. One of the reasons why couples come out with great pictures is because the photographer gets to know them as a couple and learns how to capture their personalities on camera.

From a photographer: This helps so much with engagement sessions! We are both comfortable with each other before the biggest day of their life so far. Also I meet with them 2-3 times before the wedding just to go over everything and questions. I also email them through their engagement.

From another photographer: I love working with couples that have big personalities! They make my job not really a job at all!

The more you and your photographer get to know each other the easier your photo session will be and the more comfortable you will feel. The time you spend with your photographer should be a no shy zone. Don’t be afraid to show your funny goofy side. Photographers love it when they get a couple who can just be themselves. Tell the photographer your love story, your likes and what you as a couple enjoy doing in your day to day life so they can provide you with pictures that describe you as a couple.

Click here to check more of Marissa + Drew’s adorable Ames engagement session.  

Photographer: Emily Crall Photography. 

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