Wedding Advice Wednesday: Invite your guest to go “unplugged”

Wedding Advice Wednesday: Invite your guest to go “unplugged”

Everyone wants their wedding and engagement photos to be beautiful and it is your wedding photographer’s job is to make that happen. There are a few ways that you can help everything run smoothly. During the month of May we will be providing you with a few tips we have gathered straight from photographers.

Club of Iowa Golf Course Wedding: Jess + Ben

It is understandable that guests want to capture the precious moments of your wedding ceremony , but to a photographer nothing is worse than looking through their pictures of the ceremony and realizing that everyone in the background is holding up their phones to take pictures. This may require your photographer to do a lot of extra photo editing to remove these people and devices so you have that perfect ceremony photo.

From a Photographer: I’ve had people step onto the aisle so they can take pictures of the bride walking down the aisle and it kind of prevents me from getting the angles I want out of photos because I have to worry about other people being in the background.

Weddings are such a beautiful occasion and your guests want to remember your special day, but there is nothing wrong with reminding your guests when it is the right and wrong time to take pictures.  

From a Photographer: Photographers just want to make sure that their couple is getting the best pictures possible.

If you need an idea of how to tell your wedding guests that you would like all phones and cameras put away for specific times, we suggest putting up a sign or two saying “Please no phone or camera photography until after the ceremony.”  (See the example above from Jess + Ben’s wedding.) This is a nice and respectful way to go about approaching the situation and will help ensure you get those priceless photos of your wedding ceremony.

Photo by: Carrie Krupke Photography


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