Wedding Advice Wednesday: Extra Information on Invitations

Wedding Advice Wednesday: Extra Information on Invitations

What information to put on your wedding invitations can be pretty straightforward;  guests basically need to know the when, where, why and who. However, what if you are having an outdoor wedding and want to make sure guests dress appropriately or you want to make sure your guests aren’t surprised by a cash bar? Can you really have too much information on your wedding invitations?

We asked 100 wedding goers and 70% of them said any extra details should definitely be on the invitation while 30% said that a lot of detail is not needed and takes away from the invitation.   

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Based on that response, we suggest including the following on your invitations and leave the rest of the details to your wedding website or the good old fashioned word of mouth.

On the main invitation:

  • Before guests even open the envelope, make sure it is clear on the envelope who is invited. Is a plus one allowed? Are kids invited? Save yourself and your guests the embarrassment of showing up with too many in attendance and not having a seat at the dinner table. 
  • On the invitation itself include the basics, such as who is getting married, venue name and address, and ceremony time.
  • If your ceremony is outdoors, add a simple line such as “outdoor ceremony to begin at…,” that way guests know to be prepared for weather and the possibility of walking on grass in heels.  
  • If you have a dress code for your wedding, make sure you note that here so your guests have time to find a suitable outfit.
  • Include a link to your wedding website so guests can follow along with your planning. The website itself is also a good place to put registration information and any other information you don’t want to include it on the actual invitation.
  • On separate cards:

  • If your reception is in a different location than your ceremony, a separate reception card is a good way to let guests know the details of the venue, parking options, what time they are required to be there and if food/drink will be provided. 
  • Make sure no one gets lost by including a detailed map with easy to follow directions. This is also a good space for providing information on shuttle services and transportation options for those who prefer not to drive. 
  • For out of town guests, make sure you provide them with information on local hotels and B&B’s with a wide range of budgets. If you have negotiated a discounted rate on hotel rooms make sure to state that so guests know to tell the hotel they are with your wedding party.
  • Finally, don’t forget the RSVP card so you know how many to plan for.
  •  Overall, as long as you keep your invitations from looking too crowded, your guests will appreciate the extra information you have provided.

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