Wedding Advice Wednesday: Do Your Research to Find Your Dream Photographer

Wedding Advice Wednesday: Do Your Research to Find Your Dream Photographer

Although it can be stressful and a time consuming process, it is essential to explore different photographers and their work before making the final decision.  Just as every wedding has its own style, every photographer has their own style. You can find a photographer whose style encapsulates light and tranquility while another photographer’s style may be dramatic, dark and romantic. There are others whose style is playful and rustic, or maybe floral and organic. There’s so much talent out there, you have to find which one suits your wedding style best.

The best way to start your decision making process is by doing your research; look through portfolios, read reviews, look up different photographers on social media, ask plenty questions and make sure you discuss everything with your  spouse. We know it can be overwhelming so if it helps, trying narrowing down the search to your top 3 photographers and have your questions ready. Are they willing to capture every moment and element of your big day? Does their cost meet your budget? Will they travel to your event?
From a photographer: My clients know what they are getting before the wedding day. They have also looked through my portfolio and know my style.
From another photographer: I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been able to attract people who like my work and hire me for that very reason.  This way they know what their images will look like and there aren’t any surprises.
Photographers are helpful, honest and self-less; it’s their job to capture what you want! They want you to get everything you want from their service and most are willing to go that extra mile to do so. If you find that after your research and conversations with your top photographers you still can’t find one that is a good fit, ask for suggestions. Photographers will help out other photographers when they can.
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