Wedding Advice Wednesday: Create a Photography Schedule

Wedding Advice Wednesday: Create a Photography Schedule

Everyone wants their wedding and engagement photos to be beautiful and it is your wedding photographer’s job is to make that happen. There are a few ways that you can help them make everything run smoothly. During the month of May we will providing you with a few tips we have gathered from different photographers.


Photographers get that everyone wants to have fun, a wedding day is supposed to be a time for celebration! However, people tend to forget that there is limited time for photographs. It is important to factor in the time you have to get ready for the wedding and the time it will take to get photos both before and after the wedding with guests and family members.  

From a photographer: The hardest thing for me is sticking to the timeline, I know things can happen and most of the time we can get right back on track. I’ve been at a few weddings right when I started photographing weddings when we were behind schedule by 1-3 hours which really shortens time for pictures.”

From another photographer: “Generally the bride and groom are punctual and ready to go, but sometimes it’s hard to keep the wedding party in one place and ready to go.”

A good way to keep everyone on track is by providing an outline of the day’s events and when and where everyone will be needed for photographs. It is best if the couple, or a designated helper, can keep everyone aware of the schedule; this should not be the photographers job. Remember, less time equals less photos. By making sure everyone is ready for photographs on time and can stick to the outlined schedule, the photographer can provide more pictures and variety.

This will be one of the best days of your lives and you want to make sure you have plenty of photographs to look back on and cherish. Say “Cheese!”


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