Wedding Advice Wednesday: Poses + Locations for Your Photos

Wedding Advice Wednesday: Poses + Locations for Your Photos

Everyone wants their wedding and engagement photos to be beautiful and it is your wedding photographer’s job is to make that happen. There are a few ways that you can help everything run smoothly. During the month of May we will be providing you with a few tips we have gathered straight from photographers.

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When preparing for your engagement and wedding photos you find you have no idea what looks good in photos or you don’t have any suggestions for locations, do not let this stress you out or bring you down.  Most of the time photographers have favorite spots and poses they like to use or something in mind based on the style or look you are going for. 

If you have been dreaming of your engagement and wedding photos and are full of ideas, don’t ever be afraid to show your photographer what you want out of your photos! If you have certain poses you want to do or certain places you would like to go, do share that with your photographer. Photographers love to see that you are just as excited as they are. However, don’t overwhelm with your entire Pinterest board, just the ideas that are most important to you to incorporate will be all they need.

From the Photographers:

“I love getting feedback before a wedding day on what pictures the couples want. Mostly it’s important pictures like with mom or her sisters getting ready. I’ve never really had a bride come to me with a long list of demands. But at the same time, trust your photographer. They will get those images for you and most of the time get those intimate moments or small details you didn’t even know were going to happen.”

 “I love it when couples give me posing ideas because if they turn out awesome I am definitely going to use those poses in future sessions!”

 “I appreciate input from the couple on a location I’ve never been to.  If there’s something specific in mind such as a pose, then absolutely let me know.”

Don’t feel like you have to do all the poses that are suggested to you either. Photographers can tell when someone is feeling uncomfortable with certain poses because it shows in their pictures. Don’t be afraid to be honest with them while also trusting in your photographer. The combination of a few ideas from you plus the photographers experience will leave you with beautiful photographs to cherish forever. 

Photograph by: Photography by Brittany

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