DIY Mini Moscow Mule Mugs with Escort Cards

DIY Mini Moscow Mule Mugs with Escort Cards

DIY Mini Moscow Mule Mugs with Escort Cards -

Escort card holders and wedding favors can be a fun way to express your style as a couple or your wedding theme. In this week’s Do-It-Yourself, we combined a miniature Moscow Mule copper mug with a craft paper gift tag to create a favor/escort card combo that is sure to be a hit with every event goer. This DIY is super fast and would look great for any wedding or special occasion.

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You will need the following materials:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Mini Moscow Mule mugs (we used these)
  • Pencil (to lightly plot out your calligraphy first)
  • Flexible calligraphy marker (we like this one)
  • Thin Hard tip black pen (we like these)
  • Eraser (incase you wrote your calligraphy in pencil first, erase the pencil marks after the marker has dried)
  • Kraft paper tags with twine (we used these)

We played around with colors and sizes and found this shape of tag and color works best for the look we were going for.  You can start by penciling out the name in calligraphy and then go over it with the flexible calligraphy marker.  The thinner marker can be used to write out the table number. Once the marker is completely dry, you can erase the pencil marks that were used to draw out the calligraphy.

If you aren’t so fond of your handwriting or you don’t know a snappy calligrapher, print them out on card stock using fun fonts and then cut to the shape you desire and use a hole punch to create the tags.

Once the tags are done, you can tie them to the mugs and add some greens for some color.  Choose some greens that have a stiffer stem, like sage, wax flower or eucalyptus (eucalyptus shown above, wax flower shown below).

And there you have it.  A super simple way to combine a party favor with an escort card.  Enjoy!

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