DIY Lush Floral Bouquet

DIY Lush Floral Bouquet

We are kicking off the start of our weekend with our first installment of DIY Fridays with this Lush Floral Bouquet! Going forward we hope to bring you a new DIY at least a few Fridays of each month. To start us off, we teamed up with Valerie from Repurposed Petals.  Although she and her company are located in Colorado, she is an Iowa native with TONS of creativity to share and an actual member of our Blushing Bells Iowa family (thanks sis!).  I will let her take it from here…

Hi Everyone, Valerie here!

A big beautiful arrangement doesn’t have to be intimidating AND doesn’t have to break the bank! Flowers aren’t just for special occasions – they can bring so much beauty and happiness to your home as well! With a few little tricks and some beautiful blooms and greenery, you can create a gush-worthy bouquet sure to have all of your guests lusting over.

Before we start: Tools and Choosing Your Ingredients

As far as tools or materials go, you will need a large vase, plastic coated chicken wire, wire cutters and scissors for trimming your stems.

Now, to pick our arrangement stems! You will want to focus on a few factors when building this bouquet – greenery, colorful flowers and any extra goodies (to give your bouquet some extra spunk!). So, head to your local farmer’s market, floral shop or local floral grower.


Colorful flowers

Extra goodies

Step 1: Cut a square of your plastic-coated chicken wire. This step is VERY important. The chicken wire will help to keep all of your stems in place. Also, the chicken wire MUST be plastic or wax coated so that it does not cut into the stems of your greenery and flowers.

Now, form the piece of chicken wire into a ball. It should be about the same diameter as your vase. If you feel like you have too much ‘crumpled together’ chicken wire, you can trim it up a bit. Place the ball of wire down into your vase. Now fill your vase with cool water and if you have any, add some flower food.

Step 2: Start adding your greens! During this step, you will want to establish the widest your bouquet will be. The wider you make it, the more impactful and unique it will be! QUICK TIP: Use your greenery that has slightly more flexibility so they can drape slightly – fern is a good example. These pieces will jet across the interior of your vase, versus sticking straight up.

Remember to trim the bottom off every greenery and flower stem you use, and trim at an angle.

Step 3: Now that you have determined how far out your bouquet will spread, continue to add more greenery. During this step, you can create more height. If you feel that it is filling fast, leave some set aside – you can always add more later.

Step 4: Add tall color! As with the previous step, you can create height with these blooms, but you can also drape them as well. I used deep purple Larkspur and pink Snapdragons because, while they are tall enough to add good height, they also have flexible enough stems to hang to the sides slightly as well.

Step 5: Add some statement blooms! These can be any flower of your choosing, but depending on the season, some flowers may not be available. Cut the stems of these flowers at varying heights to add interest. Place shorter statement blooms in the front and taller in the middle.

Step 6: Finish with some sparkle! Your bouquet should now be pretty full and lush, BUT small, airy, thin-like stems can help to fill in any gaps. I chose Baby’s Breath and Wax Flower. The small bits of color they add within your bigger stems will help to pull everything together.


Step 7: Stand back and enjoy your masterpiece! At this time, I like to look for any ‘out of place’ pieces or holes within my design. The plastic-coated chicken wire will help to keep everything in place, but you can always pull stems out and move them if needed.

And just like that, you’ve got a big, beautiful, lush bouquet! And the best part? You get to say “Oh this? Yeah, I did it myself!” 🙂

Have fun!

Valerie @ Repurposed Petals

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