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If you plan on covering alcohol costs at your wedding or special event, consider serving a signature cocktail. Not only are signature cocktails a fun way to show off your personality, but you can end up saving money on the bar tab instead of offering an open bar. Serve your signature drink during cocktail hour and then switch to beer and wine only during dinner and you will see even more savings over an open bar.

Wedding Advice: Consider a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

To create your signature cocktail, start out with your favorite drink but mix up some of the flavorings, add fun garnishes and/or simply add a splash of your favorite juice.  Top it off with a fun name and your guests will be loving your creativity.  We promise, this will be one wedding detail you both can have fun creating.  It will also make a fun anniversary tradition to have your signature drink together as you celebrate each anniversary.

Don’t have time to create a signature drink? Skip the legwork and check back on Friday when we share with you the recipe from our test kitchen for our newest cocktail.

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Planning a wedding can be a really exciting but also very stressful time.  The wedding to-do list can seem overwhelming at times and even though others are excited for you and want to help, but that help and advice can get a little overbearing and you may find it hard to please everyone.  Our advice to you, remember that this is YOUR day!  It’s a day about you as a couple and a celebration of your marriage.  It is not about what your family wants or what your friends want, it is about what you want!  

From the Bride, Mica: The best advice I received was to remember that our wedding was about me and my fiancé, and we needed to make decisions for ourselves, not for others.  It is so important to remember to make sure you are happy, and to never forget at the end of the day, the wedding is gone, but the relationships remain.

There will be times when compromises are in order so feelings don’t get too hurt and relations don’t get damaged, but make sure it is not on something big that you’ve had your heart set on. It is alright to say “no.” When everyone sees how happy you two are, all that other drama will melt away and the only thing anyone will remember about your wedding day was how perfect it was. 

Wedding Advice - Remember that this is YOUR day
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