Ames Iowa State Engagement: Marissa + Drew

Ames Iowa State Engagement: Marissa + Drew

Ames Iowa State Engagement: Marissa + Drew

From the Photographer: They met among mutual friends at a party. “I was with my buddies,” he says. “And she was with hers and as the night went on, she kept talking to me. I felt cool because a girl was actually talking to me so after trying to ignore her all night, we started talking and it just went from there.”

She adds, “He was the one person who wouldn’t talk to me and I was automatically intrigued so I basically talked to him the whole night and little by little, he started to talk more and crack jokes. His sense of humor won me over.”

Many parts of the beginning of their story make me smile. Her persistence in getting him to talk with her and their first date, where he let her pick the movie and she picked the new James Bond movie because she “didn’t want him to think I was one of those girls who only watched chick flicks.”

These two (particularly Drew) are diehard Iowa State fans so I drove over to Ames for their engagement session. We lucked out with the most gorgeous weather that day and started their session at the Jack Trice Stadium, then proceeded to meander Main Street where I’d stop them every few yards because I’d spot something else great! It has been a joy getting to know them and I absolutely could tell from the first few minutes that they meant it when they both said that they love to have fun together.


Photographer: Emily Crall Photography

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